The Meals of Scripture (a curriculum preparing for Thanksgiving)

I designed a curriculum that focuses on three meals in Scripture as a way of beginning to engage a theological and politics of food from a Christian perspective. Continue reading The Meals of Scripture (a curriculum preparing for Thanksgiving)


Seeing Peace Lesson

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be updating the blog, which is also a resource for other clergy or religious leaders, with resources I’ve created in the past year or so. Most of these were developed in the context of the First Baptist Church in Henderson, NC, where I served as a pastoral intern. Feel free to use any of the lessons, prayers, or liturgies with proper credit given. I’m all about getting good content out there for churches and not putting it all behind a pay wall that some smaller congregations can’t afford to get over.

The following lesson is an exercise in a process developed by the Benedictine folks who developed the St. John’s Bible. If you haven’t ever checked out the St. John’s Bible, you really should. It’s a beautiful work of art. The process that these Benedictine’s helped modernize they call Visio Divina, sort of remixing the popular contemplative method of Lectio Divina used by religious educators, contemplatives, and tons of other Christians. It aims to use art as a place for spiritual reflection and renewal in conjunction with Scripture. Continue reading “Seeing Peace Lesson”