God is …

When I was Worship Coordinator for Samford’s University Ministries, the Spiritual Formation Committee that directed our “Breathe Retreat” one spring familiarized us with a new way of community prayer. During a time called “Theosis” that combines worship, prayer, silence, and artistic expression, there was a large board in which members of the community were invited to contribute lines to a poem about God. The next week in “Shiloh,” our weekly worship gathering, we had compiled a found poem from the congregation’s contributions and read it prayerfully with them. 

I’d encourage you to do this with your community if given the opportunity. It’s risky given the complete freedom of contribution, but we did very little filtering to come up with what you see below. I’m always for more active participation of the congregation in worship. Maybe I’m more of an evangelical than I used to be, but when worship becomes a spectacle or a spectator-sport and the congregation becomes the audience, we have missed the point. 

Anyway, here’s an example of what we I described above. We gave them the formula God is … ; so then … 


God is …

by the Shiloh Community

God is peace,

so then, we can trust.

God is enough,

so then, we can rest.

God is with us,

so then, we are never alone.

God is creator,

so then, we are beautiful.

God is redeemer,

so then, all will be made new

God is lover,

so then, we are loved.

God is holy,

so then, we are separate.

God is coming,

so then, we are waiting.

God is mystery,

so then, we must rest in ambiguity.

God is shepherd,

so then, we are rescued.

God is grace,

so then, we are free

God is love,

so then, there is love enough.


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