Offertory Prayer for Generosity

I offered this prayer at Brookwood Baptist Church for the Offertory last Sunday. 


Great and Merciful God,

Holy Comforter, Close Companion,

Maker and Sustainer of All Things,

Inspire in us

A Spirit of Generosity,

A Heart of Compassion;

A Soul of Charity.

As you bring us to your Table,

As you brought yourself to us,

Let us bring

what we can

what we are able

what we are willing

what we are called

to you.

Give us your Sacred Heart O God

that we may give

not out of guilt but of grace,

not out of obligation but of passion;

not out of duty but of peace.

Help us remember that making room at the Table means that verses like

“Ask and you shall receive”

“The last shall be first”

and even “give us this day our daily bread”

are not necessarily always about us.

Keep us mindful of the needs of others,

And be with us all we pray.



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