To those of you who do follow this blog via the facebook page, my twitter account, email subscription, or even the RSS feed:

You may have noticed (or perhaps more appropriated not noticed) that I had not posted anything to the blog in quite a while. The Reluctant Baptist said nothing about anything for over a month. Originally, I planned on just taking a week off, but the days that became a week became weeks which became over a month fairly quickly. I left in the middle of a lot of things, I know, and I apologize. If I left anyone hanging, sorry. Email me if you have any questions about anything we were talking about.

All that aside, you may be looking around saying,

“This looks different!”

“I subscribe to this blog?”

“What happened?”

To you, I write this little post. This is the new blog. As you may have already noticed,

all of you who subscribed via email are still subscribed

all of you who follow on facbeook or twitter still follow

all of you who use an RSS reader have no need to worry.

The original wordpress address will still direct to here and new posts will come to you through the appropriate channels.You can go to for the old posts, as well.

Why all the change?

I have not published anything in a month for several reasons. At first, it was about the number of assignments I had to turn into professors during the month of April. Those assignments turned into exams. Those exams turned into graduation. In mid-May I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Religion from Samford University. In the Fall, I will be attending Duke Divinity School for the three-year Master’s of Divinity program. So — lots of change.

Why all the change?

The Reluctant Baptist was a fun adventure for the past few years, but it is not as pertinent to who I am and what I want to do now with this creative outlet. I am more or less comfortable with my denominational identity, so it does not need the center stage. My work here will mostly not be concerned with it. The Reluctant Baptist was also predominantly about my journey, opinions, and personality. The writing here will still be mine, but less focused on the opinion essays. Parable, preaching, and story have all taken root in what I do and seem the more appropriate medium and language for my writing. Those things will be the focus of eireinei.

Why all the change?

Why eireinei? It is one of my favorite words. It means peace. It’s used over a hundred times in the New Testament. It’s one of the words the Apostle Paul uses to greet people in his epistles (it’s the peace of grace and peace). Jesus tells people to go in peace, eireinei. Peace characterized the New Testament, the mission of Jesus, and the Kingdom of God. I hope that it, one day, would characterize what I attempt to do as well, the little part of God’s Kingdom that any individual’s effort is.

Over the next few weeks, I will mostly be posting revised older content. I’m going to be sifting through past stories, sermons, and parables. I’ll be rewriting and organizing the material — so some of it you will have seen before, but unless you have read every single thing I’ve ever written, some of it will still be new. Some brand new content will be interspersed as well as it comes to me in the middle of all the revisions.

Anything from the old blog you might want is still available at or, but I hope you enjoy the new work that begins here.


Wesley E. Spears


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